Months had passed and for the very first time again after a long time, I’ll be sharing with you the sweet little things that happened in my life. I’m really itching to write and update my blog but I want to do it in my own personal space where I can freely think and recollect [...]

1.13 Welcome to Wonderland

  To my summertime fling, You brought me to an imaginary wonderland Where I thought I am the only one existing Where no one is there but only you and me I felt so happy and special in that place I felt I’m a princess in a never-ending fairytale But everything beautiful and magical started [...]

1.12 Why I chose Him

To anyone who will be asking why I chose him. To all the wild guesses up to the criticisms that I will be receiving. This is why I chose Him.   I chose him not because I want to use him as a cover to conceal the pain I’m feeling. But I chose Him because [...]

1.11 Stopping Demotivation

1.11 Stopping Demotivation

How are you, my lovely readers? 🌸 My team and I have been working on with our thesis revision and finally done with the first one. That counts as one of my little accomplishments this month hehe.  Anyway, I want to share with you what I feel since this blog is my outlet when I [...]


It's been almost 7 months since my Happy Bucket post. A lot happened but I'll be sharing only some memorable events occurred!  My fingers are so thrilled to type lol 😀 Here’s some bucket full of sunshine: My grandma gave me baking kinds of stuff and ingredients that cannot be found here in our country [...]


It's 2018 so new year, new me? LOL XD A lot of things happened and I must admit that I wasn't that ready to welcome 2018 yet but still, of course, celebrated the year with open arms! Beyond blessed that my family is always there and supportive of everything I do. Here's some bucket full [...]

1.9 Sunsets and Dreams

I thought everything was real until 2:38 A.M. that’s the time I woke up last night from a deep sleep. It was you and me together on a road trip. You were driving and I’m staring at you from the passenger seat. Remembering every trace of your face. We were sharing laughs and never-ending stories. [...]

1.8 For you, [MY] FRIEND

1.8 For you, [MY] FRIEND

First off, let me start this by saying THANK YOU. THANK YOU because I learned plenty of things today because of you. I am now more appreciating the small little things that I do not seem to notice before. THANK YOU. If not because of your selfish acts, I wouldn't strive hard to be more conscientious [...]