1.7 One-Fifteen a.m.

Cold New Year’s Eve Sitting at the corner Thinking of you Mister Wishing you didn’t leave How I miss the times Every day’s like a Valentine You and me sweet as honey There’s never a day I’m lonely Skyping and Snapchatting all day Never mind the bills to pay For me to see you that’s okay [...]

I had a dream 💭

After my laboratory check-ups, I took a quick nap to relax from injections because it's again my first time to be injected thrice. I find it hard getting asleep fast so I think of happy thoughts and listened to one of my favorite medleys because this is the fastest way to make me feel sleepy. [...]


I was nine years old when my teacher told me that the most colorful insects were also the most venomous ones. I bet she's right. I was deceived by his looks and the way he does things. I will never ever forget that line by my teacher because that line suits the person I hate the [...]