1.10 12 P.M. Fantasy

12pm in this lonely classroom

Writing my thoughts about you

For this is all brand new

I knew I like you


I’m drowned by the fact

That these past few days

Man, you made me fall for you

And now you’re my wonder wall!


I always make a way

To see you everyday

But it seems

You’re always far away


The way you smile

Makes my heart shiver

I can’t help but to smile

Whenever we’re together


Darling, please save me

‘coz I’m going crazy

From this fantasy,

I wanna be free



1.7 One-Fifteen a.m.

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Cold New Year’s Eve

Sitting at the corner

Thinking of you Mister

Wishing you didn’t leave

How I miss the times

Every day’s like a Valentine

You and me sweet as honey

There’s never a day I’m lonely

Skyping and Snapchatting all day

Never mind the bills to pay

For me to see you that’s okay

I wish this would happen again someday

Remembering the memories

We had together

Even for a short while

You made my night better