Hello! It’s been a while since I posted something here on my blog! 🙂 After accomplishing loads of college requirements and papers, it feels so good to write again.

Anyway, I purchased two lippies online because I was too lazy to visit my favorite store to look for beauty essentials. XD Not really a fan of buying lippies online because I’m afraid to receive the wrong shade and won’t be able to exchange it.

So I tried to look for some reliable beauty stores online and after reading some reviews, BeautyMNL and Happy Skin was on my top picks and gave them a try.

The shade that I bought from Happy Skin is the Honeymoon Glow see the pictures below:

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I really love their packaging because it’s so cute and it’s easy to twist. This lippie is blendable and glides smoothly into my lips and I can really feel its moisturizing effect because unlike other matte lippies, it does not feel dry and rough when applied.

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The shade of lippie that I bought from BeautyMNL is the Birthday Suit by Pink Sugar. This one is my favorite because the color suits my skin and is not too pigmented. But what I don’t like about this product is, it’s not easy to blend and does not glide smoothly when applied. I have to use my fingers to blend the product into my lips. Plus the packaging is not that good because I can twist it even the cap is on so it ended up smudging the lipstick a bit. That’s what happened in the photo below.

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Here is the swatch I made. They don’t have a huge difference because their shades are quite similar. The Honeymoon Glow is just a little bit pinkish than Birthday Suit’s apricot-like shade.


I applied it and you can barely see the difference.



Shade in the first picture is the Birthday Suit and in the second picture is the Honeymoon Glow


I both love the product. But of course, there’s always one who will stand out. And it’s the Birthday Suit for me. I just love how the shade suits me and looks so natural. Plus it’s more affordable than the Happy Skin’s Honeymoon Glow.


Thank you for reading! 💕


Much Love,

Merzl 😘🌸




NUDE by Nature: Lip Gloss

Growing up, lip gloss was a popular trend for every girl way back. Before matte lippies took over the limelight, lip glosses and shimmers were such a craze. My cousins would visit beauty stores before with me to buy lip gloss with fruit scents and that made me want to eat it hahaha. So when I received the box, I was so giddy to give my lips a glide of shine.


I am happy to say NUDE by Nature is 100% cruelty-free and is PETA certified.

What I love about this is how chic and minimalist the packaging is. I’m obsessed with good packaging. :3 Plus the rose gold color makes the product look posh.

Now, let me introduce you…




A mix of apricot and blush pink shade. I first apply lipstick or lip tint one shade darker because if I only apply this alone, the result makes my lips look pale. I instead use this to coat my lips after swiping the lipstick on.




To be honest, I don’t like using this shade because it doesn’t suit my complexion plus, it’s not shimmery and it’s dull in color. Maybe I’ll use this during night outs or just a casual day when I don’t feel the need to look kikay. 




For the last shade of gloss, I always wear this when going out in the daytime — not to mention this is my favorite among the three. XD It creates a glowing aura on your face that you don’t need to put any lipstick on to emphasize the shine and color of this gloss.

The box of glosses comes with this chic compact mirror that I am now using wherever I go because it’s so pocket-friendly.


I don’t think I’ll purchase this again because I don’t really use lipgloss now. I’m more into tints because it’s long lasting and doesn’t smear.

Have you tried this product already? If you do, comment down below and share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading sweeties!

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Much Love,

Merzl ❤️



It was my first time to create a Halloween look like this. I had so much fun doing this look and actually, I filmed myself while creating this deery dearest but I failed to click the record button. (Fail hahaha) I realized it when I was about to set the final powder and I was quite annoyed but I just laughed about it because I imagined a lot of things when I’m filming and now pooof! All of those imaginations will just remain as imaginations lol XD


I admit that I am not really a good make-up artist myself, but I am doing my best to achieve that look haha by the way I copied it from Pinterest.

That’s it. Thank you for reading sweeties! I hope you will love this as much as I do.





Merzl 🌻



I’ve been a fan of matte lippies ever since and I learned the trick of using it when there is an event or just a mundane day. Of course, when buying a new one, I always check if it would suit my complexion so it would look great on me. Before, when I visit stores to look for a nice lipstick, I opt for the glossy or creamy type because I think it would last the entire day but I was wrooooong! >.<

Choosing for a right lippie is something you should know to save money and to avoid wasting it.  And one thing also is you should be aware of those fake ones. I don’t know what’s the difference between fake lippies vs. the authentic one before so I had trouble differentiating them. But now, I have a bunch of realizations to buy the original one rather than sacrificing your lips to a cheaper product.

Below are the lipsticks I use not every day but occasionally.

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Here’s the Colourpop Ultra Matte in the shade of rooch. A dark red in color and perfect for a night out because it gives you a fierce and elegant look effortlessly.

Of course, I won’t use this color for every day because I only use lighter shades for the fresher aura that creates a no-make up look.

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What I love about this lipstick is, it is not sticky and it glides smoothly on your lips. Some of the lipsticks I tried, leaves a sticky feel and it’s like you applied glue all over your lips eww.

For the color, it is very rich and vibrant even if you only applied once. And it is very intense pigment with a bold, ultramatte look.

Also, one thing is the applicator. I don’t really much like it because the liquid tends to become clumpy but it is not a big issue since it glides smoothly on your lips. It is also 100% kiss-proof so it won’t transfer easily.

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My overall verdict:

★ Super matte and will not disappoint you

★ Promising and wearable for the entire day

★ Perfect for night events

★ Worth every penny

Thanks for reading ladies! If you still feel indecisive if this is worth the splurge, then re-read my post again.


❤︎ Merz Elle ❤︎