Months had passed and for the very first time again after a long time, I’ll be sharing with you the sweet little things that happened in my life. I’m really itching to write and update my blog but I want to do it in my own personal space where I can freely think and recollect [...]

MET – LET Specialist

MET – LET Specialist

What a remarkable step to welcome the year 2018 with brand new possibilities and embrace flourishing opportunities coming all the way in the Partido area. Are you a future teacher looking for a credible and exceptional LET review center near you? We got you fam! 💛 Don't worry because the newly established MET Review Center [...]



🎶 Last Christmas, I gave you my heart  But the very next day you gave it away  This year, to save me from tears  I'll give it to someone special 🎤🎶 Ooops excuse my voice! >.< But I made something for youuu because you're someone special and I know you deserve the best. I made some adorable [...]

yup i finally did it!!! i cut my hair last friday!! see the full vlog on my channel 💇🏻

Guess I’m going t0 try this perfect for this super hot summer season!

Janina Vela

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1.7 One-Fifteen a.m.

Cold New Year’s Eve Sitting at the corner Thinking of you Mister Wishing you didn’t leave How I miss the times Every day’s like a Valentine You and me sweet as honey There’s never a day I’m lonely Skyping and Snapchatting all day Never mind the bills to pay For me to see you that’s okay [...]

Café ’91

Café ’91

Planning to visit with my cousins! 🙂

Black & White Scribbles

The newest addition to the booming café industry in Naga just got better.  A collaboration between fashion and food.


Glam Theme Boutique have expanded and added a new twist to your usual shopping aside from adding new brands to its family is the introduction of Café ’91 to its patrons. You read that right, there’s really a café inside this boutique.


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Happy Bucket 1.3

It's summer already yaaaay! But ooops, it's not really summer feels for me because I have to take my summer class 😦 It's okay though because I wanna finish all my subjects hopefully in advance or just right in time. Things that made me happy lately: I'm reading Girl Online: Going Solo yes that's the book [...]

❤ Rookie Cookie ❤

JAN. 23, 2015 Hello guys! I just created my new blog because the one I'm using before crashed and I did everything to revive it but I failed. So here's my new one. I'm a newbie again and this blog will be everything about my personal experiences and more like a diary and I'll be [...]