Welcome to Wonderland

  To my summertime fling, You brought me to an imaginary wonderland Where I thought I am the only one existing Where no one is there but only you and me I felt so happy and special in that place I felt I’m a princess in a never-ending fairytale But everything beautiful and magical started [...]


1.12 Why I chose Him

To anyone who will be asking why I chose him. To all the wild guesses up to the criticisms that I will be receiving. This is why I chose Him.   I chose him not because I want to use him as a cover to conceal the pain I’m feeling. But I chose Him because [...]

1.11 Stopping Demotivation

1.11 Stopping Demotivation

How are you, my lovely readers? 🌸 My team and I have been working on with our thesis revision and finally done with the first one. That counts as one of my little accomplishments this month hehe.  Anyway, I want to share with you what I feel since this blog is my outlet when I [...]

1.9 Sunsets and Dreams

I thought everything was real until 2:38 A.M. that’s the time I woke up last night from a deep sleep. It was you and me together on a road trip. You were driving and I’m staring at you from the passenger seat. Remembering every trace of your face. We were sharing laughs and never-ending stories. [...]

1.8 For you, [MY] FRIEND

1.8 For you, [MY] FRIEND

First off, let me start this by saying THANK YOU. THANK YOU because I learned plenty of things today because of you. I am now more appreciating the small little things that I do not seem to notice before. THANK YOU. If not because of your selfish acts, I wouldn't strive hard to be more conscientious [...]

1.6 You can do it!

While I was reading the novel I just bought in the library, I overheard two girls saying "Omg Di** is included in the dean's list last semester and why is her best friend not included in the list? They are always together they should share knowledge and help during exams" And in that moment a sudden [...]


In my eighteen years of existence, I can say that there is always negative vibes that would linger around you even though you did not want them on your side. I realized that I should know how to deal with them and do not let them affect me. Bad vibes greatly affect us and the people [...]