1.10 12 P.M. Fantasy

12pm in this lonely classroom

Writing my thoughts about you

For this is all brand new

I knew I like you


I’m drowned by the fact

That these past few days

Man, you made me fall for you

And now you’re my wonder wall!


I always make a way

To see you everyday

But it seems

You’re always far away


The way you smile

Makes my heart shiver

I can’t help but to smile

Whenever we’re together


Darling, please save me

‘coz I’m going crazy

From this fantasy,

I wanna be free




I was thinking of what shade I’ll try to experiment to create a summer glowy look but with a bit of freshness. Aaaand voilà two people popped in my mind, Camie Juan and IAMKARENO. Because I remember the time I watched their make-up tutorial on youtube which made me fell in love because the shades they used are so much earthly and perfect for this coming summer.

I’m not a professional make-up artist so bear with my beginner skills lol. I skipped contouring to make it look subtle and fresh.

The basic tip here is, put some highlighter on your cheeks, nose, and along your brow bone to achieve that glowing summer look. I always do this whenever I put make-up on because it polishes the overall look and accentuates the face.

By the way, my eyebrows don’t look aligned but always remember that eyebrows are sisters but not twins. Hahaha

For the lips, I used peachy apricot shade and coated it with light pink lip gloss to match my eyeshadow.

If you want to know the products I used, you can comment down below and I’ll update this.

Have a sizzling summer gals!!! 🔥


Much Love, 

Merzl 🍉⛱



Hello! It’s been a while since I posted something here on my blog! 🙂 After accomplishing loads of college requirements and papers, it feels so good to write again.

Anyway, I purchased two lippies online because I was too lazy to visit my favorite store to look for beauty essentials. XD Not really a fan of buying lippies online because I’m afraid to receive the wrong shade and won’t be able to exchange it.

So I tried to look for some reliable beauty stores online and after reading some reviews, BeautyMNL and Happy Skin was on my top picks and gave them a try.

The shade that I bought from Happy Skin is the Honeymoon Glow see the pictures below:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I really love their packaging because it’s so cute and it’s easy to twist. This lippie is blendable and glides smoothly into my lips and I can really feel its moisturizing effect because unlike other matte lippies, it does not feel dry and rough when applied.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The shade of lippie that I bought from BeautyMNL is the Birthday Suit by Pink Sugar. This one is my favorite because the color suits my skin and is not too pigmented. But what I don’t like about this product is, it’s not easy to blend and does not glide smoothly when applied. I have to use my fingers to blend the product into my lips. Plus the packaging is not that good because I can twist it even the cap is on so it ended up smudging the lipstick a bit. That’s what happened in the photo below.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here is the swatch I made. They don’t have a huge difference because their shades are quite similar. The Honeymoon Glow is just a little bit pinkish than Birthday Suit’s apricot-like shade.


I applied it and you can barely see the difference.



Shade in the first picture is the Birthday Suit and in the second picture is the Honeymoon Glow


I both love the product. But of course, there’s always one who will stand out. And it’s the Birthday Suit for me. I just love how the shade suits me and looks so natural. Plus it’s more affordable than the Happy Skin’s Honeymoon Glow.


Thank you for reading! 💕


Much Love,

Merzl 😘🌸




MET – LET Specialist

What a remarkable step to welcome the year 2018 with brand new possibilities and embrace flourishing opportunities coming all the way in the Partido area.

Are you a future teacher looking for a credible and exceptional LET review center near you?

We got you fam! 💛

Don’t worry because the newly established MET Review Center is now open to accommodate you.




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The number one producer of top licensed teachers from Metro Manila is now in the Bicol Region. How exciting news is this for our future professionals!

The review center is located at 127 San Juan Bautista St., Goa Camarines Sur in front of Partido State University.

MET has an average passing rate of 70% every year. No wonder they have shaped and produced successful professional teachers since the year 2002.

Guaranteed high-quality and commendable service just for you. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

MET Review Center has a syllabus patterned to help the examinees familiarize themselves with the common questions that might appear in the actual test during the board exam. So you will be confident enough to face the battle on.

Wishing you luck future teachers! With MET, you are one step ahead closer to your dreams.

For further queries, you may call or text them at 0923-324-2242 or 0921-263-7820.




It’s 2018 so new year, new me? LOL XD A lot of things happened and I must admit that I wasn’t that ready to welcome 2018 yet but still, of course, celebrated the year with open arms! Beyond blessed that my family is always there and supportive of everything I do.

Here’s some bucket full of sunshine..


  • Welcomed the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with my family complete. Papa’s vacation this year was very timely because it falls on the month of December ––holiday season.
  • Finished reading Rainbow Rowell’s “Midnights” for a Christmas storytime. I loved ittt! 😀
  • Had a family picture taken at the studio and had it framed in our family hall. It was a memorable experience because the photographer instructed us to do various fun poses and we absolutely enjoyed XD.
  • Papa finally tried the  Nuclear 2x Spicy Noodles/Samyang/Korean Spicy Noodles whatever you call it haha 🙂
  • I cooked our Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner! Plus, my sister made desserts. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your family enjoying the food you prepared.
  • I received my Christmas gifts one week earlier before 25th of December so I don’t have any gifts to open for the Christmas Eve. :3
  • Before 2017 ended, I made new friends. Bianca from Romania and Fiona from Belgium! If you two are reading this, thank you for being kind and friendly to me! ❤
  • Posting some of my travel photos from last year to declutter my album and maximize my phone storage and give space for new memories.
  • My aunt and cousin Donmar visited us and I enjoyed playing with him lol miss that cutie.
  • In love with Elizabeth Arden: 5th Avenue scent!
  • I treated myself at a nail salon and had it painted with OPI’s holiday colours screaming with elegance.

I’ve been so busy this past few week and I had a lot of reviews and requirements going on. Thinking of a new content to post but I need some free time to do it. I’ll check my planner if I can insert it into my schedule.

Have a great day ahead!

Much Love,

Merzl 💘✨





1.9 Sunsets and Dreams

giphy (2)

I thought everything was real until 2:38 A.M. that’s the time I woke up last night from a deep sleep. It was you and me together on a road trip. You were driving and I’m staring at you from the passenger seat. Remembering every trace of your face. We were sharing laughs and never-ending stories. The contentment that I felt that time was unexplainable. As I was staring at you, every lyric from the song playing from the radio matches my thoughts about who you are and how special you are for me. Then we stopped at the nearest beach to watch the beautiful sunset. Sitting on the shore, it was the perfect spot to witness the mesmerizing sunset. You intertwined your fingers with mine. You told me things my mind can’t fathom but surprisingly my heart did. As I stare straight at the sun to set, I can see in my peripheral view that you were staring at me smiling. Then I whispered quietly: Maybe, after all, my heart still beats for you.





CLUE: “Susan shines shoes and socks” If you can’t pronounce this properly then yes, this post is for you. 

Much Love,

Merz Elle 💝



Inspired by the classic architecture and distinctive Manhattan skyline, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue captures the alluring style of the most famous street in the world. The fragrance exudes the energy and excitement of New York while maintaining classic femininity and luxury. –Elizabeth Arden

As I’m getting older, I noticed to myself that I am fond of collecting various perfumes and scents. And of course, perfumed lotions also. Knowing the art of fragrance will lead you to the steps of being attractive. Having a good smell affects the overall impression of people to you plus it gives them an idea of what kind of person you are.

I surprisingly received this from my papa this month because I know he does not have any idea of scents that I like and what I hate.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The box comes with an aromatic hand lotion and perfume. And the packaging screams elegance and finesse.

The scent of this perfume is more of vanilla infused with nutmeg, peach, and fresh flowers.

It feels like you’re strolling around the busy rustic streets of New York City!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I would be glad to receive new fragrances and sweetie, I will love you forever. LOL kidding aside, what’s your favorite perfume?

Much Love, 

Merzl 💖